Start with an Extra Life

You can start your game with four lives instead of three. All you've got to do is view a brief advertisement. This is great for when you get to that point in a game where "all you needed was one more life". Just tap the ship-plus icon on the home screen. After you view the advertisement, your next game will begin with four extra lives.

Game Play

Galactic Burger Battle is a retro space shooter that contains 99 levels. You will battle formations of the following burger baddies:

With each level, the baddies will be progressively tougher. Every ninth level, you will battle a boss. After you have defeated the boss, will fight same baddies as before, but they will be more difficult than the previous round.

Each type of burger baddy has its own way of moving. Learning how their patterns is key to defeating them.

Bosses are fully assembled burgers. To defeat them, you must blast away all of their parts. While their parts are exposed, they will not only shoot projectiles at you, but will also deploy their minions. When you destroy these minions, they will occaisionally drop energy packets that will add power to your meter when you collect them.

This is an old-school arcade style space-shooter. In that spirit, you start each game on the first level with three lives and play until you have either exhausted those lives or beat the last level.


When destroying burger baddies, they occaisionally drop powerup packets. Collect these packets as they fall to get the powerup. You can collect up to three powerups of any kind for additional firepower. For instance: if you collect two ketchup packets in a row, you will now shoot two shots of ketchup. All of your weapons must be of the same type and every time you collect a different type of packet, the number of shots fired will return to one.

This is the basic shot type you begin the game with.
This shot is longer than ketchup.
This shot is wider than ketchup.
This is a double-spread shot. Collect three of them in a row to fire a total of six projectiles at once!


It is recommended that you experiment a bit with the settings so that you find the experience that best suits you.

You can play the game with your phone either horizontal or vertical (portrait or landscape). The orientation can only be set from the home screen and you cannot change it once you begin a game.
Control Type
You can use either the arrows or the slider to control the position or your ship. With the arrows tap the left-facing arrow to move left and the right-facing arrow to move right. These will be located on the opposite side of the screen from your fire button. The slider lets you control your position by holding your finger and on the bottom of the screen and moving it where you want your ship to go. When you move your finger, your ship will follow.
Fire Button Location
You can play with the fire button on the right or the left. It defaults to the right, but we didn't forget about you lefties!
Toggle Music
Turn music on or off.
Toggle Sound Effects
Turn sound effects on or off.


Beating your old high score or level or even your friend's is fun, but for even more fun, you can collect achievements. Achievements or not only found during game play, but throughout the entire game. You can view the achievements you've collected by tapping on the trophy icon on the home screen. If there's an achievement you are missing, try playing the game with different settings or changing the settings during game play.

When you earn an achievement while playing the game, a message will be displayed.

High Scores

By tapping the "medal" icon on the home screen, you can view both the world and your local high scores. Only the top ten of each will be displayed. The world scores display the top scores for everyone that plays Galactic Burger Battle in the world. Your local scores show your own progression.

You can post your highest local score to the world leader board by tapping the star icon. When you post your score, you will need to enter your initials arcade style.

Saving Your Game

For those that are able to get to the higher levels, we have seen that it takes quite a bit of time to do this. Since it may not always be convenient (we know, life gets in the way sometimes), you are able to save your game and start where you left off. This still keeps with the retro arcade spirit while keeping pace with today's busy life.

At any point in the game, if you wish to save from the beginning of your current level, you can. Your current level, score, number of lives and weapon type and number will be saved.

If you've gotta go, save your game by tapping the "gears" icon, then tapping the "Save From Beginning of Level" button. You get only one save, so if you save more than once in a single game, the most recent save will overwrite the last one.

To resume a saved game, tap the "resume" button on the home screen instead of play.